Privacy Policy

At, we value your privacy. You trust us and our partners to serve your insurance needs and we take this responsibility very seriously. Our privacy policy is simple: respects your right to confidentiality and do not share your personally identifiable information unless it is at your request to carry out a transaction or provide a service, with your authorization, or as permitted by law. Even in that case, when you submit information to, you authorize us to share this information only with the qualified network of insurers to provide you with your quotes. Accordingly, we will continue to do everything we can to ensure that your personally identifiable information remains private.
By submitting the information you are asked for, you are authorizing the recipients of your information to use it in a manner deemed necessary to provide you with an accurate quote on your insurance.
By submitting a form with your telephone number you are consenting for and all authorized partners to contact you even if your name is on a Federal or State “Do not call List”. may notify you of special promotions offered by our partners and underwriters in our network or related service providers. No personal information about you will be supplied to the promotion sponsors unless you express an interest in the offer by e-mail or by phone. You have the option to decline such offers and be removed from e-mail promotion lists at any time.

Confidentiality and Security

Since specific information is required in order to utilize search capabilities, securing your privacy is our first priority. That’s why is designed with the most advanced technology and security measures. has established safeguards to ensure the security and confidentiality of your information. Furthermore, we will honor this commitment with respect to information we have in our possession even after you have been placed in contact with a member of our network.’s Commitment to Fair Information Practices

We are committed to fair information practices in e-commerce. We freely disclose our privacy policies to every user and our participating partners and underwriters, and continually evaluate our practices and the latest technologies to ensure our users and network the highest level of security and protection of privacy.

Terms and Conditions

By submitting a quote request, you authorize to provide your information to our insurance partners, both local and national. By submitting a quote request, you acknowledge that’s service requires you to agree that our partner companies may obtain a consumer report or credit score from a consumer reporting agency (also known as a credit bureau) and that these partner companies do not have the right to obtain a consumer report or credit score without your written instruction which you are granting by clicking the submit button. Accordingly, by submitting a quote request you instruct consumer reporting agencies to provide a consumer report or credit score on you to these partner companies if requested within a reasonable date from the time you submit information to In the event that one of our partner companies obtains this credit information that partner company will not share this information with any other party, including insurance carriers, but insurance carriers may elect to obtain credit information on their own in connection with the quoting and underwriting of the requested insurance. Where permitted by law, some insurance companies or their agents may confirm your information, through the use of consumer reports, which may include credit score and driving record.

By clicking on any of our partner links and seeking a quote request I authorize and agree that insurance companies or their agents and partners companies may contact me using this information or to obtain additional information needed to provide quotes where permitted by law. Insurance companies or their agents that receive a quote request from this website or its partner companies may confirm my information through the use of a consumer report, which may include my credit score and driving record. I authorize and instruct this website and its partner companies to obtain a consumer report. I acknowledge that I have read and understand all of the Terms and Conditions of this website and agree to be bound by them.