Insurance Quote For 1999 DODGE DURANGO 2WD WAGON 4 DOOR – 3.9L V6 FI OHV NF $197.56 Per Month


State: FL
Zip: 33054
Credit Rating: Average
Current Insurance: Progressive
Years Continuously Insured: 3
PD/BI Coverage: 250/500
Driver Gender: Male
Years Licensed: 36
Date of Birth: 3/3/1958
Education: High School Diploma
Occupation: Construction/Facilities
Annual Miles: 15000
Comprehensive/Collision Deductible: 1000/1000


1999 Dodge Durango. 5.2 Hemi engine. 4×4. Lowered with Block kit and torsion kit so trucks alighment is 100% straight with even tire ware !! 200k Body, 120k Motor/Trans. Mechanic Owned. Castrol 10/40 high mileage synthetic blend every 5K. Bought 3 years ago with a blown trans and because this is my work truck and need to be reliable every day I swapped a engine/trans that I bought from Brandywine auto salvage in MD and truck has been running strong ever since. Replacment Parts 1 year ago: New complete front end… upper and lower ball joints, new control arms, tie rods, both front axles w/ new cv joints, wheel bearings, new calipers, rotors, pads. New dodge viper type wheels w/ all four tires. New spark plugs and wires. New dif/trans fluid, coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid. Since I bought the car and swapped out engine/trans the truck has been 100% reliable….never not started and never broken down. Truck had aftermarket exhaust when I bought it so it is rather loud….sounds very good w the Hemi engine. The truck was repainted before I bought it. Truck was purple but there is no way to tell besides under the hood the core support and frame rails are purple but full truck was resprayed white including all door jams. I love this truck and would like to keep it forever but I recently turned 32 and do not want a truck that stands out any more. Come check it out. Don’t let mileage fool you, this truck has been very well taken care of although it is used as a work truck daily. Exterior very clean, interior kept as nice as possible for work truck. If you are a mechanic you will appreciate and if your not your welcome to bring yours to check it out. Full disclose nothing to hide. Never been wreaked!!

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